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Another lovely message from one of my clients. Totally unsolicited. :)

I wanted to recommend my personal trainer Esther Farrington. I contacted to Esther to help me lose my baby weight and having eaten my body weight in chocolate after having my second child, I had plenty to lose!?! I work over 55 hours a week, have two young children and a husband that works shifts making my ‘free time’ practically non existent. With all this in mind, Esther was incredibly supportive of my situation and helped me to fit in suitable training sessions week on week. This coupled with the nutritional advice she gave me both during and outside my training sessions have helped me drop two dress sizes in 8 weeks. I saw massive body changing results in six weeks. Believe me, Esther works me hard and I sweat…..A LOT…..but if you’re looking for a beach body for the summer or help to get back in shape Esther is your woman. Go!!!!11657413_10153017372533869_881358640_n

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Insanity Video

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So you’ve tried the gym and it didn’t work! Do you know the definition of Insanity? I’ll tell you, psychologists say it’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Not any more –  let me explain Insanity…..


So when I first heard of Insanity I thought OMG really? Why would you give such a negative connotation to an exercise regime…..and then I did it! The DVD! and realised that the connotation was not attached to the regime …. but the results! OH My Days! So my only complaint about  Insanity was that it was a DVD routine only. A bit samey, A bit easy to cheat and even easier to talk yourself out of even putting it on in the first place (how grubby are the windows looking in the sun shine lets clean them instead!) SO as  a recently qualified personal trainer specialising in pre and post natal and a working Mum the idea of burning 1000 calories per session is an absolute no brainer!!!!!  So off I pop to be the first independent Manchester based PT to qualify as an insanity instructor – YEY!!!!

So as  a working Mum I absolutely appreciate the issues you have with the gym membership – I only have 60 minutes and people want to talk to me(smile, respond, don’t ask any questions) (keep smiling and responding …get me to the treadmill……PLEASE let me at the treadmill NOW)

Whereas with insanity you are with entirely like minded individuals! I’m on a mission! I need to sweat! I need to workout and I need to go home and tend to the brood without having to create a thought process!!! But the results…..I can’t even begin to share that in writing. ……I challenge you to 4 weeks of classes and lets chat……ditch the treadmill and DIG DEEP!

So why not forget the gym (and the pain that comes with the decision of whether you’re working chest, legs, shoulders arms…… LETS DO IT ALL!) lets be in and out in a hour (if  you can  carry a conversation well done you, but I bet your neighbour doesn’t want to play/ talk /make friends (maybe at the end in solidarity of being insane!)  so in the words of  Shaun T – the man himself….




Classes Weekly – Monday 1-2pm Manchester Rugby Club

Tuesdays 7-8pm Cheadle college

Sundays 10.30am Cheadle college

Check out my calendar to find the next available class near you!

Contact Esther at Transform Personal Training 07703569645 or visit

Where are my Trainers?

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So my first memory of being a brand new mummy (only because the drugs were great and I had ALOT) was dragging along the catheter to have a shower. Having just spent 26 hours in labour with what felt like 25.5 of them with my knees touching my ears (not really but you’ll soon get that Im a bit dramatic), I couldn’t think of anything better than a long hot shower. So you can imagine my dismay when I got undressed and the six pack wasn’t back – not even close. In fact the bump i’d spent so long lovingly rubbing was JELLY! No-one told me that! Talk about mis-managing your own expectations! Shock number one!

Being at home was OK. A bit dull, well very dull actually, my life became a 3 hourly cycle – sound familiar? So the second shock that hit home for me was when the phone rang and the person on the other end asked if she could speak to Freya’s mum??? WHAT?? Who stole my name? The reality that I was no longer a person in my own right was harsh. I’ve been an independent successful career women all my life so not only do I a/ not belong to anything other than a baby who doesn’t talk back, b/ no longer even have a name as I’m now someone’s mum/ wife/chief cook bottle washer (literally), c/ have flab where the 6 pack used to be and d/ im actually jealous if the husband being able to get up and go to work on his own – this was not good – not good at all. So needless to say on my 6 weeks postpartum check I arrived in full gym regalia on the basis that once I had the all clear I was back on the treadmill as the Gym was the one place my identity was still fully intact.


Mum Baby5

So I got the all clear…… then I got the FEAR! What if I can’t do it? What if people don’t remember me being pregnant and can’t see past the belly? What if my pelvic floor fails me on the treadmill?? OH and the other thing I totally failed to take into account – you’re on Maternity leave – you have NO MONEY! Who will pay the Gym membership AND creche fees??? Shock number 3!

So I’m not blowing my own trumpet ( although this is obviously about how fantabulous my Mummy and Baby bootie camps are) but if someone had told me that there was a place I could exercise with my newbie in eyesight, where I could go at my own pace, be motivated and pushed and everyone had matching jeltums (for the price of a skinny latte and ahem a chocolate Brownie) – quite honestly I’d have snatched their hand off!!!

So what do we actually do? The atmosphere is relaxed, babies lie/crawl/scoot/ dribble cry basically do what babies do whilst the mums are put through their paces with resistance bands, kettle bells medicine balls and body weight exercises. We work a lot on the core area re-strengthening the muscles who have taken a 9 month hammering from the weight of the baby and re-establish the feeling and control of the muscles not just in the pelvic floor area but also the inner girdle (your inner version of Spanx!) Mums love it, babies couldn’t care less and everyone is happy.

For those wanting to exercise more often the boot camp at Hulme hall Grammar school is on Monday and Wednesday 7-8pm and Sunday Mornings 9-10 (come on you’ve been up since 5am anyway and that was a lie in!) Ladies – if you need a pitch to the hubby ‘it’s a perfect opportunity for you to bond with the baby when I’m not interfering and telling you what to do’. All exercises come with adaptations to take them up/ down to suit and is a great opportunity to have a conversation that doesn’t include the colour/ consistency of baby poo (although this chat can go on for weeks what is it about the colour of baby poo changing when they’re only on milk!)


Now isn’t that just cute? This snapshot is from one of my classes.

So if you fancy giving it a bash, I’ll just let you know that apart from the obvious weight loss you get with exercising, some of the other benefits include a better quality of sleep, posture correction ( think of the baby sitting on your hip! Do you want your spine to bend forever), learn how not to wee when bouncing on the trampoline (quite important when they hit 2/3), feel better about yourself – Oh and Ill also call you by your own name!

To check out more visit or call me on 07703569645 and ask for Freya’s Mummy! 10% Discount for MITK.

Boot camp

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What is a boot camp?

fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training program conducted by gyms, personal trainers, and former military personnel. These programs are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1 hour period of time.


Originally popular in the US, they were brought over to the UK in 2005 and have been growing in popularity ever since[citation needed].

Boot Camp training often commences with dynamic stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of interval training, including lifting weights/objects, pulling rubber TRX straps, pushups/situps, plyometrics, and various types of intense explosive routines. Sessions usually finish with yoga stretching. Many other exercises using weights and/or body weight, similar to CrossFit routines, are used to lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength, and help people get into a routine of regular exercise.[1]Many programs offer nutrition advice as well. It is called “boot camp” because it trains groups of people, may be outdoors, and may or may not be similar to military basic training.

The term “boot camp” is currently used in the fitness industry to describe group fitness classes that promote fat loss, camaraderie, and team effort. They are designed to push people a little bit further than they would normally push themselves in the gym alone. Boot Camps are sometimes organized outdoors in parks[2] using bodyweight exercises likepush ups, squats, suspension training and burpees, interspersed with running and competitive games. The idea is that everyone involved works at their own pace as they team up and work towards one goal, either in pairs, small teams of three or four, or even two teams head on.

Boot camps provide social support for those taking part. This provides a different environment for those exercisers who get bored in a gym and so find it hard to develop a habit of exercise. Participants make friends and socialize as they exercise, although how strict the trainers or drill instructors in charge can be will depend on the company running the camp.

[source: Wikipedia]

Why Employers should invest in their employees health and wellbeing

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A healthy employee is a happy employee. Not only do healthy employees function better, but employees who experience overall health help contribute to the company’s bottom line in many ways. By promoting your employees’ health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically, you’re helping them go a long way towards being happier in life, and in turn, happier at work.

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Post Natal

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Having a baby is usually thought of as a happy time. However, as a new mother, you may not necessarily feel this straight away. The extreme stress your body has just endured through childbirth, the relentless feeding and changing of nappies, your post baby body and the loss of your identity can often take its toll.

The isolation of being stuck at home with a newborn versus the challenge of what seems like packing up the entire house to go to the shop for a pint of milk can often send you over the edge. Having experienced these symptoms personally after childbirth I can totally empathise with these feeling and they are totally natural.

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