Post Natal

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Having a baby is usually thought of as a happy time. However, as a new mother, you may not necessarily feel this straight away. The extreme stress your body has just endured through childbirth, the relentless feeding and changing of nappies, your post baby body and the loss of your identity can often take its toll.

The isolation of being stuck at home with a newborn versus the challenge of what seems like packing up the entire house to go to the shop for a pint of milk can often send you over the edge. Having experienced these symptoms personally after childbirth I can totally empathise with these feeling and they are totally natural.


Exercise is not only a great anti -depressant but it also lifts your mood, increased quality of sleep (all 3 hours!) and will help shed those unwanted baby bumps that we rubbed so lovingly before our little ones arrived. My classes are designed for Mums who want an element of socialising coupled with exercise without incurring the cost of child care or a gym membership. These interactive classes will cater for both the Hardcore trainer and the more gentle of exercisers in a comfortable environment.  The benefits include strengthened pelvic floor to reduce risk of stress incontinence,  strengthened abdominal muscles to support spine and regain figure improved technique in daily tasks, essential for back care, correct/ regain good posture increased muscle tone, strength and endurance increased energy and stamina and enhanced self confidence.

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