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So you’ve tried the gym and it didn’t work! Do you know the definition of Insanity? I’ll tell you, psychologists say it’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Not any more –  let me explain Insanity…..


So when I first heard of Insanity I thought OMG really? Why would you give such a negative connotation to an exercise regime…..and then I did it! The DVD! and realised that the connotation was not attached to the regime …. but the results! OH My Days! So my only complaint about  Insanity was that it was a DVD routine only. A bit samey, A bit easy to cheat and even easier to talk yourself out of even putting it on in the first place (how grubby are the windows looking in the sun shine lets clean them instead!) SO as  a recently qualified personal trainer specialising in pre and post natal and a working Mum the idea of burning 1000 calories per session is an absolute no brainer!!!!!  So off I pop to be the first independent Manchester based PT to qualify as an insanity instructor – YEY!!!!

So as  a working Mum I absolutely appreciate the issues you have with the gym membership – I only have 60 minutes and people want to talk to me(smile, respond, don’t ask any questions) (keep smiling and responding …get me to the treadmill……PLEASE let me at the treadmill NOW)

Whereas with insanity you are with entirely like minded individuals! I’m on a mission! I need to sweat! I need to workout and I need to go home and tend to the brood without having to create a thought process!!! But the results…..I can’t even begin to share that in writing. ……I challenge you to 4 weeks of classes and lets chat……ditch the treadmill and DIG DEEP!

So why not forget the gym (and the pain that comes with the decision of whether you’re working chest, legs, shoulders arms…… LETS DO IT ALL!) lets be in and out in a hour (if  you can  carry a conversation well done you, but I bet your neighbour doesn’t want to play/ talk /make friends (maybe at the end in solidarity of being insane!)  so in the words of  Shaun T – the man himself….




Classes Weekly – Monday 1-2pm Manchester Rugby Club

Tuesdays 7-8pm Cheadle college

Sundays 10.30am Cheadle college

Check out my calendar to find the next available class near you!

Contact Esther at Transform Personal Training 07703569645 or visit